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Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is a time to embrace the light, celebrate the growing season, and set our intent for a bountiful harvest. In the vineyard, the vines are lush and green and the berries are growing each day. Our goal now is to open the canopy and expose the berries to more light and air by thinning the shoots. This moment in the season is a significant celebration in the vineyard, and it is also a wonderful reason to celebrate within our own lives. Family is at the heart of what we do here at Bogle, so any excuse to gather with loved ones is welcomed and encouraged!

How do we make the most of today? Here’s are some ideas on how to celebrate the Summer Solstice with your family this year!

Go on a Nature Walk

Find some time today to take a walk in nature and embrace the abundance of green growth happening around you. Make a game with the kiddos and try to find all the colors of the rainbow while you explore!

Make a Sun Catcher

  1. Gather a paper plate, coffee filter, markers, and twine.
  2. Have the kids (or yourself) color the coffee filter with washable markers.
  3. Lay the artwork outside and wet with a spray bottle until water-logged, and then let dry in the sun.
  4. Cut the center of the paper plate out and affix the colored coffee filter in the center.
  5. Hang it in the window and watch it catch the sunlight for a magnificent display!

Indulge in a Summer Soiree

Partake of fresh summer fruits and vegetables and pile high-quality cheeses, cured meats, and crackers to pair with a bottle of Bogle’s finest wines.

      Have fun celebrating the first day of summer!