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Patriotic Tradition: Our Small Town Celebrates

Patriotic Tradition: Our Small Town Celebrates

Celebrating Independence Day usually means hot dogs, fireworks and finding the nearest pool to beat the heat. With the luxury of a day off of work, many people spend time with family, relishing the day in the summer sun, wherever that may be.

Folks in Clarksburg, California aren’t any different. But what makes our no-stoplight town special are the traditions that our family and many others look forward to every year. Front and center is the 4th of July parade, which is held promptly at high noon each and every 4th.

Cutting a short swath through town, this tradition includes folks young and old showing off their patriotic spirit. Opening with the local Boy Scout Troop #83 color guard, Old Glory flies prominently as the local band plays our national anthem. The Grand Marshall, always a long time local farmer or resident, presides from his throne atop an antique firetruck. Followed by tractors of John Deere green and yellow, the farmers represent with pride. Wagons pulling hay bales and a few floats are topped with the next generation, happily throwing candy into the gutters for parade watchers to snatch up. Four wheelers, go-carts and bikes get the royal treatment of red, white and blue as they cruise the main drag of town. And it wouldn’t be a party without a horse or two to leave a surprise for the tail end of the parade!  Bringing up the rear, is the fire department water truck, ready with their hose to cool off the crowd, if temperatures permit.

For five minutes of revelry, the town comes together: neighbors chat curbside, high school friends hug and kids run in the street. Then the fire trucks retreat, families return to their own celebrations and another 4th in Clarksburg has passed.

Pictured above: Fran Bogle and her granddaughter Jody, Clarksburg Parade, 1976

Friday Alfresco: A Fun Way to Give Back!

Friday Alfresco: A Fun Way to Give Back!

Nothing says “summer is here!” like the start of another Friday Alfresco season at Bogle! It’s the 4th year of this fun concert series and we are looking forward to an awesome line-up of events!

“Alfresco was the combination of a couple of ideas,” says Jody Bogle. “One of the best times of day to be out here in the Delta is the evening, when the breeze kicks up and the sun starts to wan. We were also looking for a way to give back to many of the non-profit and charity groups that work so hard in our local area. Roll the two together and Alfresco was born!”

Starting in 2013, guests have had the chance to come out to the winery and enjoy those Delta breezes, along with live music and local food options. Net proceeds from the evening go to a different organization each week. “We love that this event allows us to support ten different and diverse charities throughout the season,” says Jody. “And guests get to hear from each group and learn how they can get more involved.”

It is a fun opportunity for the organizations as well. Habitat for Humanity’s Laine Himmelmann looks forward to the event every year.  “It’s a great opportunity to put down our hammers for a night and visit the beautiful delta for some wonderful wine, music, and local bites while still helping support Habitat in building hope and homes for local families in need!” says Laine. “We’re thrilled to once again be taking part in Friday Alfresco.”

Kevin Sanchez, executive director of the Yolo Food Bank agrees. “I can think of no better setting in the county to listen to live music, enjoy great food and wine, all for the benefit of local non-profits.  Yolo Food Bank always appreciates being included in and looks forward to this pleasurable summer event.”

So come on out this summer and have an amazing evening at an event that you can feel great about.  Help Bogle give back!

Admission is $15 pp/$10 wine club member and tickets are only sold at the door.
Fridays, 5:00-7:30pm. No pets please, thank you.

General Event Info & Ticket Sales

General Event Info & Ticket Sales

It’s time for Bogle to catch up with the rest of the world…we will now be using the website Eventbrite.com to manage our events, both free and ticketed.

While some of our events are held for Bandwagon members only and others are open to the public, Eventbrite.com will handle all ticket sales and registrations.* Bandwagon members will be emailed promo codes to discount their tickets. As always, tickets for an event go on sale one month prior to the event date. If you have any difficulty using the site, please let us know, but we have found it to be pretty darn easy!

For many of our events, we have a limited amount of space in which to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests. Our goal is to host many different types of events each year, appealing to a wide range of folks and their interests.  Thank you for your understanding.

*One exception: our Friday Alfresco concert series tickets are only sold at the door.