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Take Us Out to the Ballgame: Partnering with the Sacramento River Cats

Take Us Out to the Ballgame: Partnering with the Sacramento River Cats

Our family is proud to team up with Sacramento’s local triple-A baseball team to unveil the first-ever winegrape vineyard inside a professional sports stadium!

Just beyond the right field grass at Raley Field in West Sacramento is our newest crop of vines, spanning 85′ by 16′. The Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard was one of the more challenging plantings, says president and vineyard manager, Warren Bogle.

“It sure took more time than a vineyard of this size should have taken,” says Bogle. “Let’s just say their soil is a bit different than what we are used to out here in the Delta.”

Planted in May, the vineyard is a true working field, with fruit expected to be produced by fall of 2019. Once harvested, our team will assess the quality and determine what wine is produced from them. With just 27 vines, the vineyard is expected to produce about one barrel of wine, or roughly 250 bottles.

Why wine grapes at a ballpark? “With Sacramento being the hub of agriculture and the center of Farm-to-Fork, we wanted to bring a bit of that to folks in a fun and family-friendly way,” says Jody Bogle. “Now when you enjoy Chardonnay and Cracker Jacks at the stadium, you can also see what a working vineyard looks like and read a bit of wine and baseball trivia at the same time.”

Six wine barrel tops, etched by local artist Jake Castro, share fun imagery and info as guests walk the vineyard between innings.

The vineyard will also be the focal point of five wine pouring nights, with a tasting station set up in front of the vines. Mark your calendars for June 17th, July 8th, July 29th, August 11th and September 4th when the vineyard will be the perfect setting for these free wine tastings! What’s more fun than that?

Pictured above: Warren Bogle, Jody Bogle, and Ryan Bogle planting Bogle wine grapes at Raley Field in West Sacramento; the first ever vineyard inside a professional ballpark!

Making Some Elbow Room: Our Tasting Room Expands

Making Some Elbow Room: Our Tasting Room Expands

A bit too crowded last time you visited our tasting room in Clarksburg? We’ve just completed a long-overdue update of our space which quadruples our pouring area and gives everyone a bit more elbow room while tasting.

The most notable change is that you will now find our tasting space just off the parking lot and more accessible for guests. Grabbing a glass of Chardonnay and heading out to the vineyard patio, where you are surrounded by our Home Ranch Chardonnay, has never been easier. Guests can also read about our family’s history with a timeline wall, dating back to the late 1800’s or watch a panoramic video with bird’s eye views of our local fields.

While we remain family friendly, the Barrel Tasting Room is an adult-only area, as well as the Vineyard Patio. For the enjoyment of our guests, we have designated those areas adult-only spaces. Children are always welcome, when immediately supervised by their parents, on our lawn.

Come visit us soon…we’re looking forward to a great summer!

Pictured above: Generations of Bogles watch over the new Bogle tasting room.

Following the Rules: Exciting Changes to our Sustainability Practices

Following the Rules: Exciting Changes to our Sustainability Practices

Though we have been living and farming sustainably since the late 1800s here in the Sacramento Delta, we have worked with the Lodi Rules for Sustainability since 2010 to certify our estate winegrapes. For those of you who enjoy our reserve or estate selection wines here at the tasting room or through the wine club, you’ve seen the Certified Green, Lodi Rules seal on our bottles.

As a family, it has been important to be a part of this third-party certification program. Not only have we certified our estate acreage, but we have paid a bonus to our partner growers to be a part of the program as well.  We are one of only three wineries to do this.

Starting with the 2017 vintage, Bogle will be making it mandatory for our grower partners across the state to participate in the program. While we will continue to pay the bonus to each grower who enrolls, the payoff for us is fruit of exceptional quality that meets the high standards we hold ourselves to.

With this expanded partnership, comes a new seal for certification. The seal, pictured above, is the Certified Green, California Rules for Sustainability seal. The first wines to carry this seal were our limited release 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé and our 2015 Reserve Pinot Noir.

With all of the fruit Bogle uses certified by the California Rules in 2017, we hope to begin using this seal on all of our wines with the 2017 vintage. As more and more wineries begin using various sustainability seals on their wines, we know that the California Rules are the most stringent certification process. We know it is the right thing to do for future generations.

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