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March / April 2018

When Warren Bogle planted the first acres of Petite Sirah and Chenin Blanc here on Merritt Island, we are sure he couldn’t have imagined where the business would be today, 50 years later.

As a young man who watched his family lose their land during the Depression, putting down roots in Clarksburg again was a huge accomplishment. Warren’s signature on his first purchase agreements cemented our family’s future for years to come…which is why it was important for us to include his actual signature in our 50th anniversary commemorative logo above.

That signature created a future path for not just our family, but our extended family of winemakers, cellar workers, salespeople, and many, many more. It is a team effort here at Bogle, one with a vision that started five decades ago.

The Bogle Family & Staff

Celebrating Our Golden Anniversary: 50 Years and Counting

Celebrating Our Golden Anniversary: 50 Years and Counting

“It’s incredible to look back over the short 12 years I have been a part of this journey and think the Bogle journey started long before I was born.  Five decades ago, I’m sure the path was not well-defined but looking back, there is an admirable story about a hardworking family where each generation has stayed the course, nourishing the Bogle brand with their own contribution to growth. I liken the family story and growth of the brand to that of a growing grapevine, the Bogle Vine.

Every vine begins with roots and Warren Bogle, a pioneer grape grower for his time, planted his family’s roots deep into the Delta’s soil when he planted those first 20 acres five decades ago, in 1968. Early growth of a vine gives way to a solid trunk –this symbolizes Bogle Winery, established in 1979, with Bogle grapes in the bottle and the family’s name on the label.

Next, I picture the cordons stretching laterally and trained down its trellis. This symbolizes the next couple decades of work when Chris and Patty Bogle took over the vineyards and winery, continuing to plant more acreage to grapes and expanding wine sales nationally.

Patty becoming the matriarch in 1997 with the passing of Chris and her dedication to growing the brand and increasing the winery sales by 1000% will forever be her legacy. I can imagine this part of the story as we travel up the Bogle Vine as growing shoots, lending way to a fruiting zone, where many bounties from harvests will succeed.

The next generation of Bogles to take the helm, siblings Warren, Jody, and Ryan, have continued nourishing the brand with their instilled hard work and their inherited focus for crafting wine based on quality and value. The Bogle Vine, now well established, is bearing fruit with each vintage. The Vine is a success and only because it needed each preceding generation of growth and achievement.

There must have been countless milestones along the way, each achieved with concerted effort when you consider how far the Bogle journey has come.  I’m left with feelings of great admiration when I think about all the hard work, the dedication, the perseverance, and the accomplishments of the Bogle Family. Sometimes you can’t see the road ahead but when you look back you see the journey was down a clear path.

The Bogle Family has truly created a heritage brand and it’s important that we celebrate this 50th anniversary and the journey that got us here.”

Bogle Honored by the California State Fair

Bogle Honored by the California State Fair

Bogle Vineyards is honored to be a recipient of the 2018 California State Fair Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes a person, family, or institution who are pioneers in the wine industry based on their lifetime contributions to the California wine industry. Previous honorees have included the Wente Family, Robert Mondavi, and Jim Concannon.

“We feel privileged to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award this year, especially as it is our 50th year in the wine business,” says Jody Bogle. “It’s pretty amazing to think it all started with just 20 acres of winegrapes in 1968.”

An awards ceremony is scheduled for March 27th at the State Fair Wine Judges Dinner to be held at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg.

“We are truly humbled and happy to receive this honor surrounded by our Clarksburg community of wineries, winegrowers, and friends,” says Bogle. “They have supported our company from the beginning, so we are grateful to have them with us as we receive the award.”