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September / October 2021

Harvest is underway!

It is the most exciting time of the year here at the winery!  We’ve started picking white varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, as well as a little Chardonnay for our Sparkling Blanc De Blancs. The reds will follow, coming in from our vineyards around the Delta, as well as other growing regions in the state, to be crushed at our winery in Clarksburg.

At this most crucial time of year, we thank our employees for their long hours in the fields and the cellar. When the grapes are ready…the grapes are ready! Our team does whatever it takes to handcraft the wines you get to enjoy all year round.


Warren, Jody, and Ryan Bogle Signatures
Warren, Jody, and Ryan Bogle

Bogle Gives Back

Bogle Gives Back

Over the last several weeks, we have seen countless people affected by natural disasters both in our local area and across the United States. From hurricanes that have flooded people out of their homes, to the forest fires that continue to rage just hours from us here in Northern California, there are millions of people out there seeking help and in need of assistance, all amid the worsening pandemic.

Here at Bogle, we want to step up and help. From September 1st through Thanksgiving, we will be donating 10% of net sales from our Wine Shop in Clarksburg as well as our online sales at boglewinery.com to the American Red Cross to help support both hurricane and wildfire relief.

So how can you contribute? Any purchase you make of Bogle wine or merchandise in our Wine Shop or online will translate directly to dollars donated to the American Red Cross. We also encourage you to make a direct donation by clicking this link. We thank you for your support of Bogle Gives Back.

A Perfect Little

A Perfect Little "Getaway"

Ever wish you could escape for an afternoon? Or find a quiet place to relax and enjoy a little “you” time? Our reimagined Home Ranch has just the spot for you to settle in and get cozy with a glass of wine while you soak up the gorgeous views of our Chardonnay vines waving in the Delta breeze. The Vineyard Patio awaits!

Bogle wine club members can enjoy members-only access to the Patio on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Reservations are recommended to reserve a spot, as space can be limited. On Thursday through Sunday, all guests can enjoy the Patio after they’ve wrapped up their Tasting Experience or Picnic Afternoon.  This is the perfect spot to soak up the sunshine with a glass of rosé or one of our Home Ranch-only limited release wines. If you’re hungry, we have a great selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and other items for purchase in our Wine Shop that you can savor in this serene setting.

For more information, call (916)744-1092 and speak to one of our Home Ranch staff, or visit boglewinery.com/visitus.

What Makes a Limited Release

What Makes a Limited Release

A cluster of ripe winegrapes…who decides what it becomes?

The answer starts way back in the fields at the beginning of the season, when our wine-growing team begins its assessment of each vineyard block.  With 2000 estate acres and nearly 90 grower partners, it is important to know the characteristics of each field and the fruit it will produce.  During the growing season, canopy management such as shoot thinning, leaf pulling, and cluster dropping only increases the quality of the grapes for their delivery to the winery.

Upon arrival to the crush pad, each vineyard lot is kept separate, right from the beginning.  Each is pressed and vinified individually, then aged in either stainless steel tanks or small oak barrels.  Keeping each field lot separate allows the winemakers to determine which may have exceptional qualities or unique characteristics that would benefit from extra barrel age or different vinification methods. The winemaking team can really get creative with these lots. Frequent tastings of these wines while en process allows our winemakers to continue to identify those that stand out and might make a reserve selection or limited release wine. These are often wines made from a single vineyard or a single region, as well as wines that, when blended, showcase some really amazing qualities.

Getting these wines into the right bottle is fun as well. The winemaking and marketing teams work together to create labels and packaging that showcase each limited release or reserve wine. Often these wines are launched in a shipment for our Bogle Wine Club, where members are the first to try the new creation. From there, the wines settle into their new home in our Wine Shop in Clarksburg.  Only recently have we been able to offer these wines for sale via our online wine shop at boglewinery.com where folks can enjoy them around the US!

Here at Bogle, we pride ourselves on creating a wide range of wines, all of which overdeliver in quality and value. Our limited-release wines are no exception. To view our current options, click here and Enjoy!