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50th Reserve Petite Sirah

50th Anniversary Petite Sirah

Tasting Notes

A nose of lavender and violets leads to huge blackberry and marionberry flavors on the palate. Silky, rich, luscious, and luxurious, this wine finishes with touches of toasty spice and voluptuous caramel, essences of both barrel types left behind. A perfect food wine, pairings are pretty limitless, and the wine could cellar for 20 years.


50th Anniversary Petite Sirah

Winemaking Notes

As the first red wine bottled by our family in 1978, Petite Sirah has come to be synonymous with the winery. For many, Petite Sirah was the first Bogle wine they tried. Today, so many years later, Bogle is the largest producer of Petite Sirah in the world.

Low High
Low High
Light Full
Dry Sweet
Alc: 15%