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Bubbles for One?

One of the first skills we are taught when we are young is how to share.  But what if you don’t want to?

Lively, flirtatious, and…PINK! Our new Sparkling Rose “spilt” is the perfect size for an afternoon by the pool, on the boat, or on the porch.  At just 375ml, this half-bottle contains all the fun of a traditional-sized bottle…with just two glasses inside instead of four!

And while small, there’s nothing “mini” about the wine inside.  Made from Pinot Noir grapes, gorgeous bubbles cascade with flavors of summer strawberry and watermelon, while touches of honey and sweet blossoms will make you smile.

So grab one from the ice chest, unwrap the cage, pop the cork, and enjoy this wine with friends…or without!

Available only at our Home Ranch in Clarksburg, or HERE in our online wine shop, for a limited time!