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“The land, the water, that’s a farmer’s livelihood. Leaving the ground better than it was left to you is really important.”

– Warren Bogle

Our family has a commitment to sustainability, in the vineyards, in the winery and beyond.

The California Rules for Sustainability distinguishes growers who follow strict guidelines in their farming practices. We adopted this program in 2009, the first year that the program was made available to growers outside of the Lodi region, starting with our estate vineyards. Then, starting with the 2017 vintage, we required all of our 91 growers to implement the California Rules for Sustainability standards, paying a bonus to farmers who grow and harvest grapes in an environmentally responsible way. In 2021, 96% of all the grapes crushed in our winery were certified green under the California Rules for Sustainability program.

Bogle Home Ranch

Nurturing the land and preserving its vitality is essential.

We know that clean, abundant water is what keeps our land fertile and alive and we believe we have a responsibility to keep it that way for our kids and grandkids. With increasing water demand and potential for more drought years, we take pride in the implementation of our water reuse and recycling program. For tank cleaning and barrel washing, we use high-efficiency nozzles and a water recapture and recirculation system. This system means that the water once used to clean one tank or barrel – can now be used up to three more times, thus dramatically stretching those same drops of water out to more barrels and tanks. Once the water is used at least three times, it is then sent out of the winery and filtered to be used for on-site irrigation.

Sustainability begins in the vineyards. From knowledge passed down from previous generations to implementing new ideas, Bogle Family Vineyards is following some of the most stringent eco-friendly farming practices for winegrapes in the world.

To reduce our energy consumption, we utilize a photovoltaic solar system to power much of our winery. During construction of the winery, we used green building materials that help reduce energy usage. Additionally, we have installed electric vehicle charging stations and operate using the latest energy-efficient equipment in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Not only do we take sustainability seriously at our winery and in our vineyards, but we believe we have a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment once the wine bottle leaves Clarksburg. In early 2022, we began introducing new, lighter glass bottles that cut packaging weight by 10%, and we will continue to explore lighter-weight packaging moving forward.

Without a strong workforce and vibrant surrounding community, we know we would not be able to operate our farm and winery in a sustainable manner. We employ more than 150 people at the Clarksburg winery and Home Ranch tasting room as well as a number of sales staff members located across the country. We are committed to fostering a safe, rewarding environment for our employees.

Leading by Example

“Creating high-quality wine begins with working with each grower to ensure their vineyards produce the highest quality of grapes. Our growers know that using sustainable farming practices will help them continue to produce quality grapes – which our consumers have come to expect each year.”

– Chris Smith, Director of Winegrowing

We have a common goal to leave the land and the company better for the next generation.