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Clarksburg: the Water, the Land, and Its People An Account of our Town Through the Ages

A new, illustrated history of Clarksburg – from 500 A.D. to 2016 – has recently been published by long-time resident Ted Smith. After working for over 10 years on the book, Smith is donating all of the net proceeds from its sales to the community library.

The 174-page book recounts the history not only of the Plains Miwok Indians who lived in the area from the Middle Horizon period to 1833, but also examines the histories of all those who have called Clarksburg “home” over the years. Chapters tell the stories of first settlers and ferries, schools and sports teams, and above all, the farming and families that have shaped our community. With an alphabetical index, many local residents find it to be like an old high school yearbook, thumbing to the back to see which pages are listed next to their relatives’ names.

“…just as it is virtually impossible for a good artist, such as Normal Rockwell, to illustrate the America of his time without including the hands of the people he chose for his illustrations,” says the author, “it would have been impossible for me to recount Clarksburg’s history without chronicling the work of the hands of the people who not only came before us but also of those who are still working with their hands to make this a better place for all of us.” Mr. Smith’s account is like a farmer’s handshake: firm, clear and honest.

Copies of the book are available for $30 each at the Clarksburg Library and our Bogle Tasting Room.