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Ever wonder how our rich and luscious Chardonnay is made? Maybe it’s time for “the TALK”

While all of Bogle’s wines are handcrafted using a combination of age-old techniques and the latest winemaking innovations, this single vineyard Reserve Chardonnay really is a study in the art of crafting an amazing wine.

From a vineyard a stone’s throw from our Home Ranch in Clarksburg, these grapes were hand picked and delivered to the winery just before dawn, when the cool temperatures could preserve the grapes’ freshness and acidity. Whole cluster pressed, the juice was then placed immediately into deeply toasted new American oak barrels. Natural fermentation took place, and was followed by a secondary fermentation which Bogle winemakers initiated. This malolactic fermentation created a softer and richer mouthfeel to the wine, and imparted the buttery creaminess that is so identifiable in the Reserve Chardonnay.

Once fermentations were complete, the long wait began. Eighteen months, to be exact. The juice and the lees, its remaining yeast solids, together soaked up the oak influence and concentrated down with each passing day. During a monthly check up, each barrel was hand stirred in a technique called “battonage.” This process stirs the wine and lees, allowing for more of the velvety texture to come forward.

After tasting monthly to check for fruit, balance and body, winemakers extracted wine out of the barrels in February. This year’s Reserve Chardonnay features fragrant tropical fruits and Asian pear notes frame the full-bodied wine, while toasty vanilla, spicy nutmeg and a wealth of crime brûlée richness round out the voluptuous finish. After such a long wait, we are proud to present the 2014 vintage.

The Reserve Chardonnay, Clarksburg is available only to wine club members at this time.  It will be released to our tasting room in Clarksburg on March 19th.

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