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Introducing: Juggernaut

Bold and daring. This attitude was captured and bottled to create what is known as Juggernaut by Bogle. Driven to make a statement by taking a chance, our winemaking team has harnessed the power of nature and created a whole new line of wines.

The Bogle name is synonymous with quality, and throughout the decades our team has explored new vineyards in hopes of uncovering something truly special. Along the journey, we discovered grapes that deserved to be unleashed in a whole new way — thus giving rise to Juggernaut.

It starts in the vineyard.

Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown in challenging hillside vineyards. The unique stress placed upon these vines produces lower-than-average yields which lends to intense flavors not found in more hospitable conditions. Vintage after vintage, our Juggernaut Cabernet demonstrates that the unique challenges of farming hillside vineyards are worth the extra effort.

Juggernaut Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is the perfect balance of power and grace. Cold, foggy, damp conditions found in the Russian River Valley would spell disaster for many other varietals, but prove to be the ideal sanctuary for Pinot Noir. These inhospitable conditions allow determined vines to ripen slowly and evenly, maintaining an ideal balance of flavors, aromas, and structure. This balance results in a cool-climate Pinot Noir that is truly special.

Our goal has always been to overdeliver on every bottle of Bogle wine we make; Juggernaut is the result of a bold and daring adventure. Join us on this journey.

Both wines are available at select retailers around the country. Click here to find these wines near you, or click here to purchase online.