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Our Reserve Selection: Back to Our Feathers (Roots)

While our traditional line of wines is widely available at retailers around the US, our Reserve selection represents our elevated tier of wines. These frequently include single-vineyard designates, small-lot wines, wine club offerings, and other exclusive wines created by our dedicated Bogle winemaking team.

Over the years, the labels for these Reserve selections have changed shapes, colors and have been different with each vintage and varietal. With the release of our spring wines, we are proud to unveil a beautiful new label that matches the elegance and quality of the wine inside each bottle.

Pheasants have adorned our label since the very first Bogle wine was released three generations ago.  First drawn by an artist living on our River Ranch, our pheasants have transformed into a logo, embossed by stunning gold etched foil. On our new Reserve labels, we wanted to return to the birds with detail and artistry.  This hand-drawn artwork illustrates a pair of ring-necked pheasants and is a return to prominence on our wine labels.

Rich, textured paper, embossed brush strokes, and gold foil are the perfect embellishments to this new Reserve label that you will find on some of your favorite Reserve wines going forward, including the popular Reserve Chardonnay, Reserve Petite Sirah, and Reserve Pinot Noir.