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Remarkable New Releases

Last month, Bogle Bandwagon club members were treated to two very unique wine releases. Now that our Wagoneers have had first crack at them, we are pleased to release them in our tasting room!

2018 Bogle Pinot Grigio, Clarksburg – Though we have grown Pinot Grigio for other wineries for years, we rarely put in the bottle under our own label. However, the grapes that came in for the 2018 vintage stood out above other years and really showcased the brilliant floral and citrus nature of the grape. Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks preserved the grape’s natural character and allowed the fruit to sparkle and shine. This wine is crisp, lively and refreshing!  $13/bottle

2017 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Petite Sirah, Clarksburg – After our wine barrels have been used for 7 years, we frequently sell them to craft spirits companies who want to age their liquor in wine barrels. We thought, ‘Why not reverse the process…and age wine in a bourbon barrel?!?’ Used bourbon barrels were purchased, then filled with our Clarksburg Petite Sirah for 11 months. The result: magic. A rich, redolent wine with sweet berries, a touch of spice and heady aromas of whiskey, waffle cone and smoke. This wine brings together the best of two worlds: whiskey and wine…and does so beautifully!  $35/bottle

Both wines are available to purchase at our tasting room in Clarksburg. We can also take orders and ship, where legal.  Email us here, for more information!