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They’ll Be Watching

The legend of Phantom harkens back to our roots in Glasgow, Scotland, where it is said a Bogle, a boogeyman, once stalked the hillsides, affecting those less than pure of heart.

Here in California, there are hillsides that hide their own legends, those of Los Vigilantes Oscuros.

Early Spanish settlers to California made their way up the coast, searching for land and putting down roots in the early days of organized agriculture.  But these settlers were not alone.  Legends swirled of shadowy figures high above on the cliffs and hillsides, watching those below.  These figures were silent and ominous.  In English, they were called The Dark Watchers.

Generations have spoken of the figures, who watch but don’t speak or act.  In fact, John Steinbeck in his 1938 collection of short stories The Long Valley, wrote of these apparitions.

“His eyes sought the tops of the ridges ahead. Once, on a white barren spur, he saw a black figure for a moment; but he looked quickly away, for it was one of the dark watchers. No one knew who the watchers were, nor where they lived, but it was better to ignore them and never to show interest in them. They did not bother one who stayed on the trail and minded his own business.”

Today, Bogle works with grower partners around the state, some of whom are located in the Central Coast region of Arroyo Seco, where stories of Los Vigilantes Oscuros are prolific.  It seemed natural to complement our Phantom wines with The Dark Watchers.  With the creation and release of a barrel- aged Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, we welcome another ghost story into our midst.

Our Frontier Wine Club members have already gotten a glimpse of these wines in a club selection this fall.  With just a few hundred cases of each produced, these are very limited wines. For more information or to purchase, click here or make a trip to our Home Ranch Wine Shop before they disappear.