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Winery of the Year

It all started with our grandfather taking a chance. The celebrated corn farmer wanted to plant a crop he didn’t have to replant each year. So Warren V. Bogle planted a field of potatoes. Thank goodness they all immediately died.

That failed potato crop in 1968 led Warren to try a few acres of wine grapes; just 10 acres of Chenin Blanc and 10 acres of Petite Sirah. They thrived. Today, 51 years later, the legacy continues, and we know our parents and grandparents could never have imagined where we are today.

They especially would never have imagined that we would be named Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s American Winery of the Year. Our family is truly honored to be the recipients of this award, which recognizes wineries that have made outstanding achievements impacting the industry.

“We share this award with our customers. Without Bogle wines on your dinner table, in your picnic basket, at your wedding, we would not be where we are today,” says Jody Bogle, 3rd generation to run the winery along with her brothers Warren and Ryan. “This award is a tribute to our loyal fans out there everywhere.”

Family and employees will receive the award at the Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards held in San Francisco on January 27th. Other wine industry stalwarts will be honored at the 20th annual ceremony, with the lifetime achievement award this year going to Francis Ford Coppola.

“To be nominated and selected amidst so many amazing wineries in our industry is the ultimate honor,” says Warren Bogle. “Ryan, Jody, and I are incredibly grateful for the hard work of all our employees who day in and day out are creating wines of exceptional quality and remarkable character. Thanks to our crew who makes them, and thanks to you out there who love them.”