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Francesihna Inspired Portuguese Pizza


¼ cup heavy cream
1 tbsp corn starch
12 oz PBR Beer
2 tbsp salted butter
2 tbsp tomato paste
¼ cup ruby port wine
2 tsp beef base
2 Fresh bay leaves
Salt & Pepper

Pizza and Toppings:
Fresh Pizza Dough
½ lb. of Capicola Sliced thin
1 Large Boneless Ribeye
2 linguica sausages
½ lb. Havarti Cheese, Shredded
½ lb. Munster Cheese, Shredded
½ lb. Gruyere Cheese, Shredded
3 to 6 fresh large eggs

Cooking Instructions

1. Sauce: Combine All sauce ingredients in medium pot. Bring to boil then reduce to simmer for 1 hour stirring often.

2. On the grill its time to prep the Linguica and ribeye.

3. Season steak generously with salt and pepper. Grill on medium high heat until medium. Set aside to cool once cooled finely chop.

4. For the Linguica, grill on high heat just charring the edges of the sausage set aside to cool and slice as thin as possible.

5. Make or purchase Fresh Pizza dough and place in iron Skillet. Once dough is set in skillet its time to start adding toppings.

6. Toppings: We are going to be layering our toppings. Bottom layer must be all cheese to protect the dough. From there we are going to do a total of four more layers. Start by laying out enough Capicola to start layer, sprinkle in our ribeye crumble and linguica, sauce and Cheese.

7. Place iron skillet and pizza into the oven at 425. Cook for 15 min, remove from oven cover loosely with aluminum foil and cook for 10 min.

8. Top with one sunny side up egg per slice.

You have not lived until you have tried a Francesinha. The Portugal version of a Croque Madame and often considered one of the worlds best hangover foods! And this pizza is no different. As huge fan of Porto Portugal, and frequent traveler I always thought the francesinha was begging to become a pizza and it didn’t disappoint. The creamy melted cheese paired with all the delicious spicy meats make for an amazing bite. The tomato beer sauce which is a staple for this sandwich took the roll of pizza sauce and has a slight bitterness from the beer yet an amazing richness. You will have to eat it with a fork and knife but it will be one of the best bites you’ve ever had in your culinary life!