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2023 Harvest & Crush Report

Remember last winter?  Rain, wind, and cold temperatures well into March?  Yep…we do too!  Especially since grape growers and vintners alike are still feeling the effects of last year’s extra-long winter.  With a later-than-usual bud break and consistently cooler-than-average temperatures throughout the summer, harvest in Clarksburg and around the state arrived significantly later than average.

“Harvest 2023 was one of our latest estate harvests we have ever had,” said Warren Bogle, President and Vineyard Director.  “Although the cool temps in late August through September put harvest about three weeks behind normal, October’s ideal weather, with little to no rain, let us keep picking and we finished our estate vineyards on November 1st.  Patience was a virtue because the overall quality of our whites and reds looked great coming off the vine.”

With the grapes coming in at a slower pace, the winery has not been under as much pressure as it usually is to crush so many loads all at once.

“The pacing was just about right,” said Eric Aafedt, VP of Winemaking. “Although this later harvest created a steady flow of grapes, it has also been a long harvest. I don’t ever recall picking several different blocks of grapes in November. The cellar crews, lab and the entire winemaking team are looking forward to Thanksgiving. They all have done great work!”

However, the best part about this vintage has been the quality, says Eric.

“With the extended hang time on the vine, the grapes had the ability to develop really fantastic and mature flavors.  Great color and concentration, ample acidity, and softer tannins in the grapes mean the wines will be full-bodied, well structured, and really delicious when the 2023 vintages are released.”

Like you, we can’t wait to taste the wines from this unique 2023 vintage!