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50th Anniversary Petite Sirah Commemorative Wine Release

It all started with 10 acres of Petite Sirah. Why?

“That’s a really good question,” says Jody Bogle, whose grandfather Warren planted those first vines in 1968.

We know that Warren V. Bogle planted 10 acres of Petite Sirah and 10 acres of Chenin Blanc, but the reason behind those specific varietals has been lost to history.

What we do know is that Petite Sirah has come to be known as Bogle’s “heritage” varietal. Once planted all those years ago, the vine took off, establishing roots and a love for the rich, clay soil found in our part of the Sacramento Delta.

As the first red wine bottled by the family in 1978, it came to be synonymous with the winery. For many customers, Petite Sirah was the first Bogle wine they tried. Today, so many years later, Bogle is the largest producer of Petite Sirah in the world.

So there was no question that the 50th Anniversary release would be Petite Sirah.

Handpicked from our estate Quick Ranch on Merritt Island, just a few miles down Elk Slough from our homestead, the grapes for this wine were selected for their quality and concentration.

“This Petite had dark, tightly formed clusters whose flavor was really outstanding,” says Eric Aafedt, Director of Winemaking. “We wanted to showcase the beauty and intensity of the Petite Sirah grape and make something that would age for a long time. Maybe not fifty years, but long enough.”

After primary and secondary fermentations, the wine was placed in French and American oak barrels where it aged for over 24 months. Additional time aging in the bottle allowed the components of the wine to come together seamlessly.

A nose of lavender and violets leads to huge blackberry and marionberry flavors on the palate. Silky, rich, luscious, and luxurious, this wine finishes with touches of toasty spice and voluptuous caramel, essences of both barrel types left behind. A perfect food wine, pairings are pretty limitless, and the wine could cellar for 20 years.

Bottled in a limited edition silk screened bottle and finished with gold wax, this wine can currently only be found at our tasting room in Clarksburg.

Customers not in our local area can call the winery to inquire about shipping to their location…

Release date: May 26th.