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Bogle Wins the California Green Leader Award

Bogle Vineyards has been chosen as the California Green Medal: Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Award winner for 2018. The Leader Award honors the vineyard that best demonstrates the “3 E’s” of sustainability by excelling in Environmentally sound, socially Equitable, and Economically viable practices. The announcement was made on March 29 by a coalition of wine associations across California.

“We believe it is our responsibility to ensure our estate vineyards and our partner growers are implementing the latest sustainability techniques,” says Warren Bogle. “It is vital that we care for the land and resources to ensure future generations can continue to farm as we have.”

The family, along with longtime employees Chris Smith, Eric Aafedt, and Dana Stemmler, accepted the award at the California State Capitol last month in a ceremony led by Allison Jordan, executive director of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance.

Ryan Bogle accepted the award on behalf of the family. “Sustainability is more than just a buzzword,” Bogle shared with the attendees. “It is at the core of what we do on a daily basis in our farming and winemaking operations.”

Most notably, the winery is proud of a bonus program established in 2010 which paid grower partners more per ton for sustainably grown grapes.

“While we have 1,700 estate acres certified in Clarksburg, Lodi, and the Sierra Foothills, in 2017 over 92% of all grapes that came into our winery during crush were certified sustainable. It is a measure we and our growers are truly proud of.”

To showcase our commitment to sustainability, our wines will soon start to bear a symbol recognizing them as “Certified Green.” Starting with the 2017 vintage, almost all our wines will carry this seal.

The photo above shows, from left to right: Ryan Bogle; Chris Smith, Director of Winegrowing; Jody Bogle; Eric Aafedt, Director of Winemaking; Dana Stemmler, Winemaker; receiving the California Green Medal at the State Capitol on March 29, 2018.