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Being Sustainable: Going Beyond Green in the Vineyard

Nearly a decade ago, our family made the decision to build a new winery in Clarksburg to help improve our winemaking process while using the latest sustainable practices. We believed then and have proven that it is possible to create high-quality wines while reducing the impact on the environment.

“From water to waste to power, we have combed through every inch of the winery to try to identify the best possible ways to operate our business in the most environmentally-friendly manner,” says Ryan Bogle, Vice President of Bogle Vineyards.

The winemaking process takes water and lots of it. We use high-efficiency nozzles along with water recapture and recirculation for tank cleaning. In addition, all water used on-site is reclaimed and reused for irrigation of on-site crops and landscaping. This is the equivalent of saving 19 million gallons per year.

Solid waste is another problem all companies face. We work with employees and our vendors to ensure we recycle 95% of the solid waste generated on site.

As it relates to power, we took a hard stance on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by installing a photovoltaic solar system, using green building materials and purchasing energy-efficient equipment.  These efforts mean that we’ve been able to reduce our carbon output by over 450,000 tons per year, or essentially taking 89,000 cars off the road.

And we’re not done yet. We are working on becoming 100% reliant on renewable energy to power our winemaking production facility by 2025, so that we can reduce our carbon output even further.

With evolving technology, we know we have much to learn. Our family continues to try and adopt new green techniques whenever possible. In the future, we are confident we will be able to do even more than we can dream of today.