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Bogle Gives Back: Supporting American Rivers

For the third year, our family is proud to partner with American Rivers, an organization that connects local communities with their rivers and waterways and helps them to effectively fight to protect and defend clean water. We share the belief that healthy rivers and clean water are essential for everyone, everywhere.

American Rivers works throughout the US by helping communities reduce flood risks by championing innovative water management and flood plain restoration techniques, conserving supplies of clean water to combat water insecurity, improving public safety by removing aging dams, and ensuring permanent protection of rivers through Wild and Scenic River designations.

This year we are inviting our community to join us in giving back to nature. For each person who joins us — either by participating in our clean-up challenge, taking a pledge or donating to American Rivers — we will give an additional $5 to American Rivers!

Litter Clean-Up Challenge
Join us in our goal to collect and dispose of over 72,000 pieces of trash by March 2022! Using an app on your phone, it is not only easy, but good for our environment as well! Since April, we have already collected over 12,000 pieces of trash!
*Download the Litterati app via the App Store. When you enter the app, find the “CHALLENGES” section. You will need to enter our challenge code — BOGLE — to connect you to our specific challenge.

Pledge to Give Back to Nature
Little actions can add up to make a big difference.  Whether you’re picking up trash, replacing your lawn with low-water native plants, or supporting another local organization, take a pledge to do something good for our environment!
*Post a pic of yourself in action and hashtag #BogleGivesBack and tag @BogleVineyards on Instagram.

Make a Donation
Our family has made an initial donation to American Rivers.  If you are considering charitable giving this year, please consider American Rivers.  For each of you who participates in one of the many ways we have shared above, we will donate an additional $5 to American Rivers.

As 6th generation farmers and 3rd generation winemakers, our family is committed to giving back to our community and supporting sustainable efforts around us. More information can be found at BogleGivesBack.org.  Join us today and help make a difference!