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Cindy Nemes: The Heart of So Cal Sales

The first time Cindy Nemes saw the Sacramento River Delta was on her first visit to Bogle Winery in 1989. She was coming up to see about a job for the growing winery operation.

“I had never been to the area before. Driving from the airport to Clarksburg, I kept thinking, ‘Where the heck am I going?’ There was just nothing around!”

Arriving just before dinner, there was no time for an interview. Instead, Cindy sat down at the dinner table with Chris and Patty Bogle, and their four children. It didn’t take long for Cindy to feel right at home.

“Patty and Chris were super welcoming,” says Cindy. “Midway through that dinner, Chris leaned over and asked, ‘Well, can you see yourself working here?’ Easily, was my answer.”

Thirty-four years later, Cindy is saying goodbye to the family business she has dedicated herself to.  After retiring in April, Cindy remains one of just a handful of employees who have spent more than three decades with the company.

Born and raised by a close-knit family in Ohio, the family feeling was something that really appealed to Cindy as she made the decision to work at Bogle as a sales representative. Having followed her twin brothers to Southern California after graduating from Ohio State University in 1984, Cindy’s love of sports and competitive nature made her an amazing advocate for Bogle’s growing business.

During the early years, Cindy “schlepped” 1-liter Bogle bottles, working to secure retail placements. While she initially started in Southern California, over the years Cindy took on more sales responsibilities, with her territory growing to include Arizona, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Hawaii in later years.

Cindy was known not only at Bogle but in the industry as someone who not just worked hard for a sale, but definitely knew how to have fun. Themes were a part of every presentation, as were the corresponding costumes. From Elvis, to Vanna White, to Joe Montana, Cindy loved each and every presentation she gave.

“Getting in a room and engaging everyone’s attention was key,” says Cindy. “Trying to be memorable, so they don’t forget you…that was what I loved. The creative side.”

Cindy’s efforts paid off throughout her career, including her first big sale: securing end cap displays at the retail chain Liquor Barn. She loved the annual Bogle “Big Week” promotions, and getting her distributors engaged in those competitions, always with unique and creative presentations.

“Cindy’s enthusiasm for selling Bogle wines has been contagious for decades,” says Jody Bogle, who first remembers meeting Cindy all those years ago. “I learned so much from her every time I had the chance to work with her in the market. She’s had an unmistakable influence on both our sales team and our family, and she will be missed.”

After 34 years of slinging that wine bag, Cindy has no intention of giving up her loves. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are current favorites, although she definitely wouldn’t turn down a glass of champagne. “Bubbles make me happy!” Says Cindy.

Joining her in retirement will be her husband Dieter, a high school physics teacher with 35 years under his belt as well. They plan to chase their love of travel, get more involved in a few of their favorite charities, and spend more time with their grown children:  Andrew, a civil engineer and Kelly, a finance executive for a So Cal real estate developer.

“We can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.”