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Element[AL]—It’s Not a Moment, it is a Movement!

Introducing the world’s first-of-its-kind lightweight, shatterproof, infinitely recyclable aluminum wine bottle. 

Our family’s commitment to sustainability goes back decades.  From our certified farming practices to our CCSW-certified winery, we continue to seek out ways to increase our environmental efficiencies.  Most recently, we light-weighted our traditional glass bottles by 10%.  But as we learned more, this just wasn’t enough:  according to research, bottles account for 29% of the carbon footprint of wine.  This includes the production of the glass, the transport, and the recyclability.

So four years ago, we set out to find an alternative package for wine that was more sustainable:  aluminum.  Originally, we were told that it wasn’t possible.  “Aluminum doesn’t bend that way,” they said. After one engineer took a chance with some new equipment, we worked to develop this innovative vessel. Fast forward to today as we launch Element[AL] Wines: 100% aluminum, 80% lighter than glass, infinitely recyclable, shatterproof, and perfect for any setting.

In the past, wine in aluminum cans or water-bottle-shaped vessels has been targeted more for outdoor or occasion-based consumption.  And while Element[AL] Wines work for those occasions, we believe they are perfect for EVERY occasion. The wines are not simple, stainless steel wines thrown into the bottle for your next hike.  These are wines that Winemaker Eric Aafedt and his team hand-crafted to be elegant, nuanced, and elevated.

But doesn’t the aluminum affect the taste of the wine?  That was a huge concern for our family.  Quality has always been a driving factor for us and we needed to know that the wines would shine. After over a year of blind tastings, we are confident that our lined aluminum bottle does not alter or affect the taste at all.  And so far, we have the scores to prove it.  The Tasting Panel gave the Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay a 92-point score, while they awarded the Rose and Pinot Noir 91 points. Most recently, the California State Fair awarded the Element[AL] Rose a DOUBLE GOLD medal and 99 points!  These wines rock!

Our family recognizes that many wine drinkers might be surprised by these innovative new bottles.  We believe the design is fun, cool, and disruptive, and will appeal to wine lovers young and experienced.  Once empty, we encourage people to recycle these bottles…you can chuck them right in your recycle bin.  It is also fun to reuse them:  they make great water bottles or vessels for watering your plants. We’d love to see how you reuse your Element[AL] bottles…send your pictures to us or post them on social at @drinkelementalwines.

Visit our Element[AL] website, elementalwines.com where we have information about the bottle itself, winemaking details, and videos that help explain the mission behind the wines.

While we’re not planning to change our other wines to the aluminum bottle, our family is so proud to offer people an opportunity to make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice—WITHOUT sacrificing the quality, tradition, and romance of wine drinking.

Element[AL] Wines are finding their way to store shelves nationwide.  We hope you enjoy this sneak peek and, as always, we welcome your feedback.  By enjoying this wine, know you’re doing something great for the environment…one sip at a time.