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January / February 2023

The New Year came in with a bang here at Bogle! From the very first minute it arrived, 2023 has kept us on our toes! We appreciate everyone’s patience as we were challenged with an extended power outage to start the year. We encourage those of you visiting the Home Ranch to check our website prior to making the trip.  The weather forecast continues to be less than sunny in Clarksburg!

We hope that wherever you are, you are safe and enjoying the warmth of family and friends. A nice glass of wine is a bonus, of course!

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

Warren, Jody, Ryan signatures
Warren, Jody, and Ryan Bogle

A Wild California Winter

A Wild California Winter

Northern California has been pounded with extreme weather, much starting on the first day of the year. We’ve made the national news for weeks now, where meteorologists have described “bomb cyclones”, “atmospheric rivers” and a “parade of storms”. This deluge of rain and wind has definitely created challenges for our region.  Trees have toppled, causing widespread power outages, while standing water in the vines gives new meaning to our Merritt Island moniker. And though it continues to rise, the Sacramento River and our Elk Slough are not close to flood stage.  After three years of drought, the rainfall is welcome, and we are happy to “weather” the challenges to see snowpack and groundwater basins grow yet again.

Our most pressing predicament: a 12-day power outage at our Home Ranch here in Clarksburg. The property fared well, losing some signage, branches and a few light fixtures.  But without power, lights, heat, or restrooms, we were unable to host guests for Tasting Experiences or in the Wine Shop.

Thanks to so many of you for the calls of concern and the messages of support! Our favorite, the voicemail that asked: “But the wines are okay…right?!?” Absolutely! Both the wines in the tank and the vines in the ground are bearing no damage from the extremes we have been facing. Rest assured, all is well with your Bogle beverages!

With a few more days of wild weather in the forecast, we look forward to seeing the sun this coming weekend. Just in case, we encourage everyone to visit our website for up-to-date information before traveling out to Clarksburg. We know it can be frustrating to have to change plans, so thank you for your flexibility with our ever-changing schedule!

Stay safe and see you soon!

Your Next

Your Next "Great White"!

Launched in 2018, our Juggernaut wines harness the power of nature to produce bold, compelling and expressive wines.  Bright and colorful labels set the wines apart, commanding attention and showcasing the powerful wines within.

The alpha predators that adorn the labels include the lion on our hillside Cabernet Sauvignon, a fierce king of the land.  On our Russian River Pinot Noir:  the osprey, cunning and elegant raptor of the skies.  And now…our Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast boasts a stealthy and fearsome predator of the sea…the great white shark.

Fog and intense wind are prevalent most of the year along the Sonoma Coast.  Vineyards at these moderate elevations battle to capture every drop of sunlight in the hopes of bringing these Chardonnay vines to full ripening.  The result of this inhospitable climate is fruit with lower sugar and higher acid levels, which create a sought-after structure and a crisp, refreshing backbone that pairs well with a variety of cuisines.

Starting with a sophisticated mouthfeel, this Chardonnay is crafted through a combination of French and American oak, as well as stainless steel tanks.  Sur-lie aging offers the final blend something special, as a hint of vanilla bean and buttercream balances the crisp stone fruit highlighted by the stainless steel.  The result is a wine of stealthy elegance and pervasive luxury.

Look for the Juggernaut Chardonnay to surface at a retailer near you this Spring!  The wine can also be found at our Home Ranch Wine Shop or online at boglewinery.com.  We hope you’ll enjoy this Chardonnay as your next “Great White” wine!