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Phantom Sightings

Over the years, unexplainable sightings at the winery of a mysterious apparition have occurred. There have been glimpses of things that aren’t there and feelings of being watched from the shadows. Though unclear, its unfathomable presence has come to be known as the Phantom.

In 1999 when we released our first Phantom red blend, our family not only wanted to create a rich, luscious reserve wine but also to pay homage to the legend of the Bogle, a medieval Scottish ghost story that harkens back to the early centuries. There are those who believe that when our family emigrated from Scotland in the 1700s, the Phantom came with us, settling on new soil. Its spirit has remained constant, not as a nefarious or fearsome creature, but as a reminder of our heritage, our history, and our devotion to our craft.

What has not remained constant is the Phantom wine label itself.  From the very first bottling that we sent only to club members in 1999, the label has changed four times.  Today, we are proud to share the newest interpretation of Phantom, returning to a paper label from the painted bottles of the last few years.  The label is a spectre in and of itself, with a lighter sepia color scheme and a view of a distorted grapevine. It is as if this label is the perspective of the Phantom itself.

The new label will appear on both the Phantom Chardonnay and the Phantom Red Blend and be available nationally and internationally where Phantom wines are sold. There may even be a glimpse of the new Phantom in Scotland where it all began…

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