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Reducing Our Footprint

Our entire family and staff are excited to announce a dramatic step forward to help reduce the winery’s carbon footprint:  the introduction of new, lighter glass bottles that will cut packaging weight by 1,150 tons starting in 2022.

The first bottles to feature the lighter glass will include our traditional Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot—which make up the majority of the wines we sell. This change in glass type will cut down weight by 830 tons and is equal to a 5% overall reduction.

Our Juggernaut wines will see an even greater benefit with a 10%- or 320-ton reduction with the use of new Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir bottles.

“Our family’s commitment to sustainability has always been a top priority in both our vineyards and in our winery, and now we are looking at how to make an impact with each and every bottle that is opened and enjoyed,” said Vice President of Consumer Relations, Jody Bogle. “For years, the perception in the wine industry has been the heavier the bottle, the higher the quality wine inside.  Our family wants to change that perception.”

Lighter-weight glass bottles consume fewer raw materials, use less energy to produce, and reduce the amount of fuel and emissions during transport. The 1,150 tons, or 2.3 million pounds, in lighter glass is the winery’s first step to weight reduction.

“There is a significant environmental impact at every point in the bottles’ lifecycle so we will continue to explore further packaging adjustments to lower glass and box weights across all of our brands,” said Vice President of Winemaking, Eric Aafedt. “As an added bonus, we are still able to deliver high-quality wine, but these new bottles will reduce our impact on the environment.”

The rollout of these new bottles will correspond with release dates throughout the end of the year, so your next bottle of Bogle could feel just a little bit lighter.