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Red Wines for Summer

With the sun out, so come the pinot grigios, sauvignon blancs, and rosés. But what are strictly red wine drinkers to do? Spring and summer pairings sometimes overlook you. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Red pairings abound this summer with Bogle Family Vineyards, and we have you covered with a selection of recipes and tips and tricks to carry red wine drinkers through the sunny season.

Red Wine for Summer Grilling

A lot of people think of beer or cider to pair with barbecue, but red wines are a fabulous pairing with what you’ve got coming off the grill.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger paired with Petite Sirah

This burger, or any burger with toppings like onions or bacon, is great with a full-bodied red wine. With lush fruit and spice, our Petite Sirah is the perfect pairing. This wine boasts blue fruits that command the senses upon entry and black pepper and spice that linger on the palate. The big, savory flavors in this burger are enhanced by the ripe textured tannins that have been noticeably softened by 12 months in American oak.

Fennel Crusted Rack of Lamb paired with Old Vine Zinfandel

Lamb can generally be paired with a lighter bodied wine, such as a sauvignon blanc or rosé, but there isn’t a universal rule to follow. The robust and intense flavors in this roasted lamb begs to be paired with an equally robust wine.

Those who love the anise and licorice attributes in fennel will want a wine that highlights that flavor. The raspberries, cranberries, and brambly berries in our Old Vine Zinfandel are offset by the pink peppercorns, pipe tobacco leaf, and cedar characteristics, making it the perfect pairing for this gamey and rich dish.

Smoked Tri-Tip paired with Essential Red Blend

One of our favorite things about Tri-Tip is its versatility with wine. Our Bogle Essential Red has enough complexity and structure to match up to the rich, beefy taste and enough acidity to cut through the richness, making each bite distinctive and delicious!

If you have a fatty cut, also try it with our Merlot. For a leaner cut, try pairing it our Pinot Noir!

Chilling Red Wine  

Ice buckets aren’t just for white wines, and you can still have your favorite red on those warm summer days!

Most red wines can be slightly chilled. So, go ahead and put your favorite Bogle red in the ice bucket for a few minutes! As a guide usually light bodied, higher acid wines do best chilled. Fuller bodied, higher tannin wines may end up tasting a little too muted if chilled too much.

One of our favorite red wines to chill is the Bogle Family Vineyards Pinot Noir. With bright cherry notes, floral aromatics, and hints of sweet herbs, this wine is perfect slightly chilled for sipping on a warm day. Also try freezing it in an ice cube tray and add to your glass for that perfectly chilled red!

Happy summer sipping; cheers!