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Going Beyond Green: Sustainability Takes Flight

For generations, our family has lived in the Sacramento Delta. Growing up here, spending time out in the fields and along the river, we saw many different types of birds who also called the area home. As kids, we had no idea just how many species thrive here and continue to do so today.

Clarksburg lies nestled against the Sacramento River, and our Home Ranch is on Merritt Island, embraced by Elk Slough along our west side. Being surrounded by all these waterways creates a natural rest stop for birds such as Canadian geese and a permanent home for others like the Swainson’s Hawk, snowy egrets, blue herons, turkey vultures, wild turkeys, quail, and the ever elusive ring-neck pheasant, who proudly stands sentinel on many of our wine labels.

Our family encourages bird habitat in the vineyards by erecting owl boxes along the levees. In addition, eighty acres within sight of the winery have also been set aside as habitat for the Swainson’s Hawk, which is listed as a threatened species.

Some of the smallest birds are the most fun to watch. Hummingbirds and doves often rest on the grapevine trellis wires and nest within the canopy. Finding a nest tucked among the vines is rare, but camouflaging their eggs next to our grape clusters is a pretty smart trick to avoid predators!

Next time you visit our tasting room in Clarksburg, keep your eyes peeled for many of these beautiful creatures.