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Rosé, All Day…All Night…All Weekend…All Summer!

Spring has arrived, and with it vibrantly colored flowers, lush green grasses and bright blue skies. But our favorite color of spring happens to be pink…ROSÉ!

Everyone at Bogle is excited about our Rosé release, including winemaker Dana Stemmler.

“Rosé has become a trend over the last few years because it is different from your tradition reds and whites,” says Dana. “What makes it so popular this time of year as the weather warms up, is that it’s lighter than your average wine, yet it is bright, crisp, easy-going, and it can still stand up to food.”

But with a Rosé nearly every color of the rainbow, is there a difference? “The colors of Rosé vary by the grape it is made from and the length of time the juice is left in contact with the skin,” Dana explains. “We have really been trying to perfect ‘our pink’ with maceration time, or lack thereof, and choosing varieties that give hues of purplish pink.”

For the 2018 vintage, Dana selected Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel grapes to use in the wine. The juice was bled off the fermentation tank “saignée-style” just a few hours after being crushed, then fermented cold in its own stainless steel tank. The resulting wine is refreshing, lively and delicious.

“Rosé’s flirty colors of pink, purple and orange have definitely helped launch it into a lifestyle wine,” says Dana. “The color makes it festive and fun. It’s easily recognizable in someone’s glass, whether it be at a party or in a photo on social media.”

Our 2018 Rosé will be available at our tasting room in Clarksburg and, for the first time ever, at select retailers across the country. If you find a glass in your hand this season, share with us @boglevineyards on social media using #boglerose!