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Bogle Cheese & Charcuterie Board

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With so many different flavors and textures, any wine can pair well. Sip, Sample, Savor!


  • 2-3 meats
  • 2-3 cheeses
  • 2 vegetables
  • 2 fruits
  • 1 roasted nut
  • 2-3 grains

Cooking Instructions

Tired of cooking meat and potatoes? Put together this easy platter, open a bottle of wine (or two!) and enjoy all the gorgeous combinations. Make any substitutions you like…there are no rules here!

Think in categories:

Meats – A few options of cured meats really anchor the plate. Try classic prosciutto or salami, or experiment with cured sausages or spicy sopressata. Paté and terrines are also good pairings, so don’t let them intimidate you. Check in at a local butcher shop to see what they have.

Cheese – Where to begin?!? There are so many types of cheeses to enjoy, we suggest trying several with different textures. An herb crusted goat cheese is a lovely choice, while a creamy brie is always a fan fave. Don’t forget an aged cheese such as a pecorino romano or good old parmigiano reggiano for their nutty goodness.

Veggies – Must haves include olives and cornichons, but you can also add pickled green beans, asparagus and other salty veggies.

Fruits – You need a hint of sweetness to cut all the salty and sour, so try some dried fruits such as apricots or peaches. Fresh grapes are always a wonderful accompaniment, as are apple slices. Or, you can make a chutney by cooking down fresh pears, figs or mangos with a bit of water and a pinch of salt.

Nuts – Roasted cashews, almonds or hazelnuts create crunch and add texture to the platter.

Grains – Baguettes are the classic for a charcuterie board, but we also love flatbread, breadsticks, naan and artisan chips. Graze through your chip aisle to see what looks good!