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Pomegranate Spritzer

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  • 1 large pomegranate
  • 1 bottle Bogle Blanc de Blancs
  • Orange twist for garnish (optional)

Cooking Instructions

The holidays are peeking around the corner so what a fantastic time to enjoy a fall cocktail with friends! There’s a bit of effort required for that fresh pomegranate juice, but we think you’ll find it’s worth it!

Serves: 4

  • Fill a large mixing bowl with cool water. Score the outside of the pomegranate with a sharp knife and carefully open the fruit in half under the water. Still submerged, separate the seeds from the pith and peel. When you have all the seeds out, drain through a colander and discard all but the seeds. **The juice will stain, so clean any spills quickly, and definitely wear an apron!
  • Once drained, remove 2 tablespoons of seeds and set aside. Place the remaining seeds into a food processor or blender. Pulse until they are a thick pulp.
  • Scoop the pulp back into a fine colander or sieve and press through with the back of a rubber spatula to extract the juice.
  • To assemble the cocktail, pour 2 T. pomegranate juice in a champagne glass. Top with the sparkling wine and garnish with a few pom seeds and an orange twist.