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Wine Gift Ideas

A good bottle of wine is always a go-to gift for any occasion – and while we think a bottle of Bogle is just fine on its own, here a few ideas to make that classic wine bottle gift extra special! These wine gift ideas are beautiful, personal, and sustainable. If you want even more ideas, check out our posts about how to reuse wine cork and bottles in your gifting!

Wrap it in a dish towel

Whenever I’m out shopping and see a pretty or unique dish towel or fabric print on sale, I grab it! They are a great option for sustainable gift wrapping small items and, you guessed it, wine bottles! With a fun homemade tag or just some leftover ribbon or twine, your simple wine gift turns into something that will surely captivate your host’s attention. This wine gift idea is personal, useful, and sustainable!

Add a recipe pairing and some fresh herbs

This is definitely my go-to favorite way to gift a bottle of wine. There’s no match for that perfect food and wine pairing, and sharing a favorite or personal recipe with someone is a great way to show thoughtfulness and care in your gift. You can either print out a recipe and attach it in a little envelope, or tie it on the bottle with a some ribbon or twine. Add some fresh herbs or flowers from the garden for an aromatic treat to help inspire and entice the senses!

For recipe and wine pairing ideas, check out our Bogle family recipe page here!