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Element[AL]—It’s Not a Moment, it is a Movement!

Introducing the world’s first-of-its-kind lightweight, shatterproof, infinitely recyclable aluminum wine bottle.  Our family’s commitment to sustainability goes back decades.  From our certified farming practices to our CCSW-certified winery, we continue to seek out ways to increase our environmental efficiencies.  Most recently, we light-weighted our traditional glass bottles by 10%.  But as we learned more, this […]

Greetings from the Home Ranch

It’s a very exciting time here at Bogle Family Vineyards! Not only has spring sprung with growing vines and activity buzzing in the vineyards, but there’s also been so much springing up at the winery as well! As a family we have always put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do: from little things like […]

From One Sustainable Farm to Another

When we consider farming, most of us think about crops such as corn, tomatoes, and winegrapes. But how many of us think of caviar? Tsar Nicoulai Caviar is a pioneer of sustainable, farm-to-table American caviar. While many people associate the delicacy with holiday appetizers or celebratory festivities, the family behind Tsar Nicoulai believes that anyone […]

Reducing Our Footprint

Our entire family and staff are excited to announce a dramatic step forward to help reduce the winery’s carbon footprint:  the introduction of new, lighter glass bottles that will cut packaging weight by 1,150 tons starting in 2022. The first bottles to feature the lighter glass will include our traditional Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, […]

Bogle Gives Back: Supporting American Rivers

For the third year, our family is proud to partner with American Rivers, an organization that connects local communities with their rivers and waterways and helps them to effectively fight to protect and defend clean water. We share the belief that healthy rivers and clean water are essential for everyone, everywhere. American Rivers works throughout the […]

Corking Our Carbon Footprint

You pop that bottle of wine and it is likely that you didn’t give much thought to the cork now sitting on the table beside you. But, for us, we see that cork as an important part of our sustainability efforts here at Bogle. While using cork to help preserve wine is nothing new (the […]

What Green Means to Us

What is sustainability? Being “sustainable” means we are taking measures to protect the environment for the benefit of all, while still creating the quality wines that you have come to know and love. Sustainable farming entails a list of items, but centers around responsible water use, powering our operations through renewable energy sources and creating […]

We are Sacramento Proud

Not only has our family been farming wine grapes for three generations, but we’ve been basketball fans for just as long! As supporters since the days of the good ol’ baby blues, we were thrilled to partner with the Sacramento Kings to create PROUD ROOTS. Made from Petite Sirah harvested in 2016, the year the […]

The Greater Outdoors

Bogle Vineyards is proud to continue our partnership with American Rivers. In celebration of summer adventures and our commitment to sustainability, Bogle Vineyards has made a donation to support American Rivers’ mission to protect the rivers that help provide clean water, recreation and a connection to the greater outdoors. Being located in the Sacramento River Delta we realize that clean, abundant water keeps […]

Being Sustainable: Going Beyond Green in the Vineyard

Nearly a decade ago, our family made the decision to build a new winery in Clarksburg to help improve our winemaking process while using the latest sustainable practices. We believed then and have proven that it is possible to create high-quality wines while reducing the impact on the environment. “From water to waste to power, […]