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DIY Wine Cork Star

While it’s easy to know you should recycle your wine bottle once finished, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with the cork. The truth is, corks are better reused than recycled, and there are a multitude of crafts that use wine corks. In recognition of Memorial Day, we’re making a wine cork star!


  • 75 wine corks, depending on the size of your star
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint (optional)


Step 1. Place the corks standing vertically in the arrangement you want.

  • TIP: We found it easier to make five separate triangles (trees? something to remember for the holidays!) for each peak and then arrange those together for the star shape.
  • We used 50% red wine corks and placed the red stain up every other cork for our pattern, but you can paint your star any color or pattern you want!

Step 2. With your glue gun, put a generous strip of glue between two corks along the long side, starting at the top of the peak, and continue adding each cork one at a time, moving inward.  

Step 3. Glue each of the 5 peaks together to finish the star!

Place your star on the countertop, bar area, or outside for a festive decoration as you celebrate Memorial Day! This star could also be used for Fourth of July, Christmas, or as a decoration throughout the year!

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